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What is K-Center?

              K-Center is a product marketplace platform that aims to assemble Korean products in order to accommodate the clients interested in Korean consuming products in Thailand which is we will be starting focus on K-Food, K-Beauty, and K-Health which is investors can design their own factory and selling place with our advisor by starting placing orders through an offline platform (Shop) along with both of online and offline marketing promotion. Utilizing the Korean customer connection of our company as the main point of the platform in order to be the center of a Korean product in Thailand.  

              K-Center is a reliable intermediary for Korean investors who need a reliable guide and destination for investment in Thailand. Our platform along with an investment advisor who has knowledge, experience, and expertise in investment for foreigners that an investor can trust.


              In the future, K-Center can be developed by adding an online platform to expand the market for an effective result such as a mobile application platform or a selling platform on the website. And also, can expand by adding other types of platforms such as service marketplace for a variety of products and services.

Customer Acquisition

           One of the biggest advantages of using K-Center Platform is that we can help the company make it easier to acquire new consumers and expand the consumers’ base. Acquiring new customers may sound simple, but it can be incredibly challenging to find new opportunities in today’s saturated marketplace. If you don’t stay up to date and tweak your marketing strategies, you may struggle to keep your sales funnel. With experience in business in Thailand we will fully assist you in this matter.

Competition and brand awareness

           K-Center platform will display a company's products in a list with other Korean brands and distributors. This will be easier to build brand awareness. And the competition could be an advantage for you, depending on the marketing and how you rank when it comes to pricing and customer reviews.

Trust Factor

The Benefit Of

Future products and services

             K-Center also has the advantage of the trust factor. Rather than buying from an unknown store they’ve never heard of, first-time buyers of a new brand feel more at ease buying from a name they know and trust.

                 In the near future we can expand the business platform to be wider by adding on service marketplace and adding an online platform to expand the market for an effective result such as mobile application platform or selling platform on website.

Market Analysis in Each Product Line



Thailand's strengths include a plentiful supply of raw

materials from land to sea and a year-round growing

season. Low prices and excellent quality goods, the

country is well -positioned to lead the global food


Business Trends in Thailand

          The Thai food industry has seen growth in both the manufacturing and export sectors so far in 2021 after overcoming last year’s pandemic slump.

          The food trends in Thailand in 2021 will largely be a continuation of trends seen in 2020. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the growth of several food trends in Thailand, especially ones relating to health and sustainability. More people are looking for food and beverage products that nourish their bodies and minds. 

          In addition, sustainable products continue to rise in importance as consumers are willing to pay more for products that have either a positive or, at the least, a limited impact on the environment. U.S. food and beverage products that focus on health and sustainability, especially fruits, keto-friendly or gluten-free products, dietary supplements, and organic products, will benefit from the increased purchasing power of Thai consumers. Krungsri Research indicated that there will be a 1.6% increase in private consumption among the high-income consumer group in 2021.

          Thailand is well-known as an agricultural powerhouse, with an abundance of resources from land to sea and a year-round growing season. This points to Thailand’s strengths as it is rich in raw materials including cassava, sugar, rice, and palm oil that serve both the domestic and global food sectors. The country is ready to drive the world’s food industry with its low prices and high quality of products enabling food processing companies to locally source over 80% of the raw materials needed.

          Thailand’s strengths in food processing have also brought the country to global prominence in the seasonings and ingredients industries. The value of Thailand’s food ingredients exports in 2016 reached USD 616 million. With over 550 manufacturers, Thailand is the 6th largest food seasoning exporter in the world, accounting for a roughly 5.4% market share.    The top export destinations are Australia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, and Malaysia. In addition, local demand for food seasoning is also significant with a sales value of over 1.1 billion in 2016.

          Beverages are also recognized as a huge industry in Thailand. The country’s non-alcoholic beverage market was worth roughly USD 7.9 billion with a 5.2% CAGR. and an export value of USD 1.1 billion in 2016. The largest export destinations are ASEAN countries including Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar.


The skincare and color cosmetic products sectors in Thailand are the largest among the Southeast Asian countries. Thailand has free trade agreements with nations such as Japan and Korea, which has resulted in various cosmetic companies from these countries entering the Thai market.


Business Trends in Thailand

          The skincare and color cosmetic products sectors in Thailand are the largest among the Southeast Asian countries. Major international brands have invested in the Thai cosmetics market. Much effort has also been put into developing and expanding the domestic brands and production to establish Thai cosmetics and skincare products in other markets. New brands for such products have also emerged from current trends, especially from social media influencers. By promoting these products heavily on their social media accounts, influencers have become an important marketing platform for cosmetics brands. The Thai cosmetics market could ensure continuous growth and maintain healthy market performance by tapping into this resource.

The cosmetics market and key players

          The Thai cosmetics market now has greater capabilities to expand through the ASEAN economic community, which promotes free trade policies among member countries. This makes it easier for Thai products, such as cosmetics, to be exported to the ASEAN countries. Moreover, Thailand also has other free trade agreements with countries such as Japan and Korea, resulting in several cosmetic brands from these countries entering the Thai market. Leading brands for skincare in Thailand include Artistry, Pond’s, Olay, Mistine, and Nivea. As for makeup products, the leading brands are Mistine, Oriental Princess, and Giffarine. The market size of skincare products is highest for facial skincare and is followed by body skincare items. Products such as beauty face masks are one of the most popular products for Thai consumers. End-users of cosmetic products do not only include domestic users but also foreign tourists and customers who frequently visit spas or salons, which are influential channels for product marketing. Since the average income of Thais is also increasing, the demand for cosmetics is shifting towards the premium segment.


Focusing on the food supplement market trends guides the direction and plans to build a brand for customers in the group of food supplement businesses in Thailand. Also, provide consultant services for advice on the development formula of the modern extracts or beneficial raw materials to grab the consumers interest in healthcare products.


Business Trends in Thailand

          Factors of technological advancement Important variables that contributed to the growth direction of the dietary supplement industry proceeded by leaps and bounds. Selling products through online channels is a powerful business driving tool. Social media and online marketing can also be considered to have a huge influence on consumers' purchasing decisions.

These technological factors It is another popular trend that changes consumer behavior. which food supplement factory Including the cream factory must study, learn and understand thoroughly. To formulate marketing strategies as well as planning a business to respond to the popular trend in a timely manner, not out of date.

          In the next 5 - 10 years trend, the dietary supplement industry is likely to grow at least 7% - 10% per year, with technology and online marketing being the major cause. This is consistent with the results of a study by the Center for Economic Analysis (TMB Analytics) on income structure and competition within the Thai food supplement market. It was found that over the past 5 years, the dietary supplement industry has had an average growth rate of up to 10% per year, with an average gross profit margin of 40% - 50% per revenue, accounting for the total value of the dietary supplement market. The total amount is over 8 million baht, which is calculated from the number of more than 6,300 Thai food supplement business operators.

          Summarize the above information, conclude that the food supplement market trends that supplement manufacturing companies. Should know to use for direction and planning to build a brand for customers in the group of food supplement business owners should continue to focus on creating healthy products by taking into account the development of formulas that use modern extracts or raw materials with the trend of that time to attract attention.


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