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Opening Bank Account
in Thailand

Opening bank account in Thailand for foreigner
             To open bank accounts for foreigners in Thailand, each bank has its own set of restrictions and standards. Most regulations and guidelines are determined by bank workers and branch managers. There may be a policy difference across branches of the same bank. When you apply for a bank account, the bank will inform you whether or not you are eligible and what documentation you will need. To be qualified for a bank account, you must have documentation such as

A Thai driving license

A Thai house registration or a landlord's letter

A work visa or a letter showing you are qualified to get a work visa

A tourist or student visa

A letter of recommendation from a Thai university or embassy

A letter of recommendation from a "reputable" Thai person or a well-known Thai organization

Communications or letter from your current bank to the specific Thai bank

Passport or photo ID

Two Types of Bank Accounts

                    Depending on their residency status in Thailand, foreigners can choose between two types of bank accounts: resident bank accounts and non-resident bank accounts. 

A Resident Bank Account

A Non-Resident Bank Account

 It is one owned by a person dwelling in Thailand for regular usage within Thailand

 It is one owned by a person who does not have a presence or domicile in Thailand.

              A permanent residence visa or a valid work permit in Thailand can be used to establish Thai residency for the purpose of opening a resident bank account. In general, a foreigner who does not have proof of residency in Thailand can only open a non-resident bank account; nevertheless, depending on their internal policy and judgment, certain Thai-based banks may allow requests from non-resident clients to open a resident account with no proof of residence.

The Advantages of Having a Thai Bank Account

  • saving Thai Baht

  • using your debit or credit card instead of cash

  • online banking

  • saving bank conversion fees

  • withdrawing cash for a lower charge

Our services

  • We will help you to hold a savings or current account in one of the biggest banks in Thailand.

  • Receive a bank book and a debit or ATM card.

  • You will be able to use online banking on your mobile phone for your convenient


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